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Welcome to AHRMA Insurance!

The AHRMA Insurance Program is not traditional insurance, it's insurance designed specifically for affordable housing providers like you. We are managed by the oldest housing authority pool in the nation and governed by you, our owners. We offer a full line of property and casualty coverage and exceptional service.

We have an attorney hot-line, because we would rather help you avoid lawsuits than defend against them.

We provide defense when you do need it and get involved, whenever possible, before complaints get to court; so, we protect you when there are filings at the human rights commission or EEOC just like we would in a judicial proceeding. Better still, we have a lower deductible for these administrative claims.

When you call for a quote you will get someone in one of our Midwestern offices, because we live where you live. We’re neighbors and we know your risks. We can’t wait to serve you.

Call and put us between you and the bad stuff!

Julie DePasse

Between you and the bad stuff.

Comprehensive Property and Casualty Insurance for Midwestern Affordable Housing Providers

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